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06.12.2018 klo 00:12 Long time no see, heres something new and shiny!

Dear Sulfers, let us present to you our new musicvideo "Lullaby".
It was shot on our live gigs during last summer and fall in Finland and in the Baltics. We love it, hope that you do too!


06.05.2017 klo 20:23 News!

Lately we’ve been busy working with a bunch of new songs, in collaboration with producer Mikko Mäkitalo (Musakukko Productions). So instead of hanging around on bandstands, we’ll dwell inside a studio for the summer in order to present new stuff for you in the fall. Right on!



14.09.2016 klo 20:13 Baltic mini-tour!

Tomorrow we're heading to Baltics to play a couple of thrilling gigs and to try some new material on the sets! Sounds like an adventure to us! So come to check out the shows and stay tuned for some news from the road. Or at least for some idiotic pics and humor that no-one else gets! :D

And keep on sssssulfing!!

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15.02.2016 klo 20:56 Oh mighty Sulfeniers! (what?!)

We are so very proud to present to you our new single, Mel Gibson.
And BY THE WAY, it comes with an AWESOME music video full of action and outrageous turns of events. It is about a heroic character who storms out of the woods just to save us from our superficiality and affinity to consume stupid crap!!

So, beloved Sulfers, hold on to your insta-twit-snap-whateverthef**ks and enjoy!! :D


24.01.2016 klo 20:17 Greetings, oh mighty Sulfers!

We are happy to announce that we have a lot of plans for the year 2016. One of them is a new single with a musicvideo. Which is actually done. Almost. Here's a picture to prove it! The video will actually come out on February so stay tuned!



27.09.2015 klo 22:02 Good evening, dear Sulfers!

As you might have noticed, various independent radio stations in UK have recently featured Sulferdust on their rock shows.

This is freaking amazing!! We want to thank everyone who has given airplay to our single, which is not-so-radio-friendly in terms of length.

Easiest way to catch up with the shows that feature Sulferdust is to follow us on Twitter:


23.07.2015 klo 20:54 Hi-diddly-ho Sulfenators!!

We're alive and on fire!! And we just got back from our first gig abroad in Riga, Latvia!
One hell of a trip, we tell ya. Thank you so much Depo!

Our new single "Preaching the End of Your War" has been out for awhile now and it has already gained some
attention radio-wise ;)

We also updated the site and took some absolutely awsome new promo pics with our
man of guaranteed awsomeness, Kai Skyttä.

Now you can also find us from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and many other wonderful Meccas of new music.

So come to see our gigs, we got some feisty new material that kick some serious asss!

See ya!!



13.12.2014 klo 00:34 Wintry evening, dear Sulfers!

It's been a wacky year full of shits, giggles and dramatic turns of events.
We're ending this awesome year by playing a gig as an opening act for Dog Days Revolution in Helsinki,
and also by putting out our single/videopiece "Sheltered" in a physical form. We finally came up with
a descent idea for cover art and got our most awesome, talented friends to carry out it's true form.

Next year we'll be playing alot of new gigs all around Finland and hopefully in many other countries!



12.08.2014 klo 21:49 New Video Out!

On 9th of July we played a gig in Jack The Rooster, Tampere. During the same trip we had a chance to shoot our very first music video collaborating with Vanir Productions.

The environment was amazing and the guys from Vanir we're super-nice to work and goof around with!

The song is the titletrack from single "Sheltered"

Enjoy! (And we're sorry, because we're Finns!)


13.05.2014 klo 22:14 New Songs!!

We have finally finnished our recordings and just got the new songs out of the mastering-oven.

"Sheltered" is the first track of our upcoming single. Check out the sounds-section or the link below!



09.04.2014 klo 19:35 Welcome to the renewed official website of Sulferdust!

After the super-busy winter the new website is finally open! Here you can find all the relevant info of the band and keep up with us gig-wisely. And don't forget to like us in Sulferbook! Someday we will also reach that darn Youtube! :) New music and a lot of other new content is also in process so stay tuned!




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